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Trust in APT!

27 Apr 2018

Imagine this:

Your Company has decided to participate in an exhibition in a certain country but you have never been assigned to handle it before. To ensure that your company’s exhibits arrive at your exhibition booth on time and in good order, what will be your next course of action?

This is where APT Showfreight & Logistics Group comes in. With our wide network of partners and in-depth knowledge of exhibition freight forwarding, we are the best team for the job. Our expertise includes being able to advise accurately on whether items are permissible/non-permissible for shipping, dates of collection from designated premises, amongst other concerns. We also tackle issues on how it can be shipped with the best possible way. APT does the rest for you, all you have to do is just to turn up and connect with your customers.

Interested? Feel free to drop us a message and we will attend to you as soon as possible.